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Schedule of a Mobile Massage

Arrival: I bring in all my equipment (table, sheets, music etc.)

I set up the table, as you fill in a health status form

We have a brief discussion about your health, then discuss goals for the massage: (to feel relaxed, looking for pain relief, etc.)

I then demonstrate how to get yourself ready and on the table


What is the most important thing to know during a massage?

-I believe that every person has full ownership of their own body. When you ask for a massage, you are sending me an invitation to help you feel better. Open communication is the most important aspect so I may best understand how to bring you the best possible massage experience possible.

What does a typical massage look like?

-In a "Mixed" 60 minute massage, I usually reserve 30 minutes for specific work, and 30 minutes for relaxation. This ratio changes if you want a relaxation focused massage or therapeutic massage.

What if there is a part of my body I dont want massaged?

-I will always respect your boundaries, and I never massage a place that you dont want

I feel self conscious about my body, how would you make me feel comfortable?

-I understand that it may not be easy to feel comfortable with someone massaging you. My goal is to help you heal and feel at peace, and I welcome any person that wants to give it a try. 

This is my first massage, what are some things I should know?

-A first time client always has a nervous, but enthusistic energy! During the booking phase I welcome any questions or concerns you may have that is not addressed in this section. 

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